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The uSCOPE MXII digital microscope

uSCOPE MX II digital microscope

The uSCOPE MXII microscope is a slide digitizer, which allows you to take overlapping pictures to be stitched together into a larger final image. It is connected to a PC over the USB2.0 port. The pictures below show some of the images that I have taken.  

New Microscopy Forum!

New Forum

The new microscopy forum is now online and everyone is invited to join. You can access the forum here: www.microscopy-forum.com Read the Forum Help for information how to join.

White balance and image quality

moss cells (level corrected)

During a recent walk through the forest, I collected some moss and continued to culture it on my desk on a shallow plate. Countless organisms could be found in the moss, and also the moss plant itself is quite suitable for microscopy. Figure 1 shows the original image, Figures 2 and 3 had white balance […]

High speed micrography – stinging nematocysts of a jelly fish

Maybe this is the reason why we do microscopy – “It’s the joy of actually coming and going: ‘I just saw something that nobody else has ever seen before.’”

Making a LEGO Microscope

LEGO microscope assembled

Making a microscope out of LEGO is not difficult and it works quite well.

Plasmolysis of red onion cells

Animated GIF of red onion cells in salt water.

Adding salt water to red onion cells will cause the cytoplasm to lose water by osmosis. The cell’s content shrinks.

Microscopy news – March 2014

A summary of microscopy-related articles for March 2014.

What are the differences between aqueous and non-aqueous monting media?

Mounting media for microscopy can roughly be divided into those that are water soluble (aqueous) and those that are not (non-aqueous).

Foldscope: a paper microscope

The foldscope is a paper microscope with x/y positioning of the slide and an ability to focus.

Celebrating 1000 FaceBook likes!

FB likes

March 5th, 2014 marks the day on which 1000 people have “liked” the MicrobeHunter website on FaceBook. Between 6 and 12 people click the like button every day. How long will it take to reach 2000 likes?

The importance of mounting medium refractive index

Ranunculus pollen mounted in air, with cover glass.

The refractive indes (RI) of the mounting medium can have a significant impact on the image quality.

Microscopy news – February 2014

A summary of microscopy-related articles.

How to observe red blood cells

Red blood cells

Red blood cells (also known as erythrocytes) are responsible for carrying oxygen from the lungs to the rest of the body. Unlike other cells, red blood cells do not have a nucleus (they have lost it during development). The available space can now be used to carry hemoglobin, the red pigment which carries oxygen. The […]

Why should you never touch the bulb of a microscope lamp?

Glass bulb

Microscope bulbs should never be touched with bare hands, as the grease deposited on the lamp will cause its breakage.

How do you make dry-mounted permanent slides?

Dry-mounted slide

Dry-mounted permanent slides do not use a mounting medium. It is necessary to hold the cover glass in place using adhesive tape.

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