Welcome to the world of Amateur Microscopy! I love to put stuff under my microscope. Here I share my observations and information about microscopy.
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Magnification explained

The differences between magnification and linear magnification. The basics explained.

Making scale bars

You need to take a picture of a reference (micrometer slide, ruler, etc) and then measure out the number of pixels.

Stereo microscope tear down

An intro video into stereo microscopes.

Water sample under the microscope

Standing water is a good source of microorganisms to be observed under the microscope.

Moldy bread. But the spores look nice.

Here I put some mold under the microscope. The spores are visible in bright field as well as in phase contrast. I also look at it using my stereo microscope.

Synthetic fibers look great!

Some fibers in brightfield and darkfield. The fibers have a diameter of about 0.015mm. They are thinner than the cells of some algae. At the end of the video, I superimpose the images of the algae and the fibers to allow for a direct comparison.

Sad: Paramecium squashed to death, organelles spilling out

Pretty sad. 🙁 The ciliate paramecium was squashed to death between the microscope slide and cover glass….

How to view stomata under the microscope

This is a very simple, yet effective way of making cell surfaces visible. Here I am making a glue impression of a leaf surface. The stomata are visible under the microscope.

Why you can not identify bacteria with a microscope alone

The shape of bacteria reveals very little about what type of bacteria they are.

Phase Contrast Microscopy – all you ever wanted to know

Phase contrast microscopy allows you to see transparent and unstained specimens much better. The microscope converts differences in refractive index to differences in brightness.


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