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Microscopy of the dandelion flower

Here I show you how to observe the pappus of the dandelion. This is the part that carries away the seed with the wind.

Under the microscope #3 – Water fountain (with Spirogyra algae)

Here are some nice images of the alga Spirogyra. These algae have a spiral-shaped chloroplast. The video also shows other algae in colonies.

Under the microscope #2 – Sand from playground

Unless it is fine-grained, sand is a bit more difficult to observe under the microscope. Darkfiled microscopy shows quite nicely, that many sand grains are transparent (some made made of quartz).

Under the microscope #1 – Dandelion

Dandelion seeds are scattered by wind. Here I am having a look at the fruit of a dandelion. The fruits are the fine “hairs” that carry the seed. In the field of Biology the term “fruit” does not have the same meaning as in everyday usage.

The Toupcam S3CMOS: A small USB 3 Microscope Camera

A review of Toupcam S3CMOS, a USB 3 microscope camera


Focus animation of a radiolarian

Here we have a focus animation of two radiolaria. The shells of these organisms are made of silica, which is similar to glass.


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