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Where can I buy electron microscopes?

Electron microscopes are not commonly used by amateur microscopists.

Where should I not buy microscopes?

Amateur astronomy websites occaionally advise beginners not to buy toy telescopes from toy shops or supermarkets. The same can be said about microscopes.

Where can I buy light microscopes?

Light microscopes can be bought from special microscope dealers (search the web), school supply companies and directly from the manufacturers.

Are there any microscopes which I should avoid?

Do not buy second hand microscopes unless you also buy them from a shop, which is able to give warranty and service. Unless you know what you are looking for, there is the danger that you buy microscopes that are not fully suitable for your needs.

What is the single most important criterion when choosing a microscope?

The most important criterion is that you like to use the microscope and that the hobby increases your quality of life.

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