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Which microscope, stereo or compound, should I buy?

If you do not already own a microscope, then you should first ask yourself which type of microscope, stereo or compound, is most suitable for your needs.

Which microscopes are suitable for children?

For small children (below age 10 to 12), I would recommend the use of stereo microscopes.

Do I need phase contrast?

Phase contrast microscopy is an optical staining technique. It converts differences of refractive index of a specimen into brightness differences.

Should I buy a microscope with infinity corrected optics?

Infinity optics allow you to insert filters into the light beam, without changing the focus.

What are phase contrast and DIC? Do I need these?

Phase contrast and Differential Interference Contrast (DIC) are both methods to make unstained, transparent specimens visible.

What are the advantages of research microscopes?

Research microscopes are not commonly used by amateur microscopists, due to their high cost. But you asked, so here is the answer!

Do I need a 100x oil immersion objective?

Oil immersion objectives have a hiĝ resolution but also some disadvantages.

Buying microscopes for children

What are some of the things to look out for when buying a microscope for children? Here is a FAQ which covers the essential points.

Common defects of old microscopes

During the past couple of years I’ve seen numerous microscopes that were is a desolate condition. Here are some of the problems that I observed. It may pay off to consider these problems when shopping for a used microscope.

5 Rules of buying a microscope

I’ve been repeatedly asked for advice concerning the purchase of microscopes of hobby and amateur purposes. The following rules should help you in your choice.

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