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LED of a stereo microscope

Advantages of LED Microscopes

In recent years, high intensity light emitting diodes (LEDs) started to replace traditional light sources. LED microscopes offer significant advantages for microscopes used in education.

What features are not necessary for schools?

Microscopes have a large price span, ranging from cheap to in-affordable. Especially in an educational setting, money may play an important factor – money which should be well spent, and maybe not even spent at all on unnecessary microscope features.

Microscope Slides and Cover Glasses

This post gives an overview over common microscope slides and cover glass standards.

Different microscope types

Types of Light Microscopes

This article outlines some similarities and differences between compound and stereo microscopes. They have different, but sometimes overlapping, areas of application.

Microscopy accessories

What accessories should be bought?

There are several accessories that are part of a microscopic workplace.

About the numbers on the Objective

This post explains the meaning of the different engravings on an objective.

Buying used Microscopes – a checklist

Used microscopes can be a good investment, provided that one is aware of a range of different issues.

Which Microscope for Children?

Which type of microscope to buy for children? The answer, in my view, is simple: the younger the child, the more you should trend towards stereo/binocular microscopes.

Vascular tissue of Aristolochia sipho.

Equipment Recommendations

What are some of the features to look out for when purchasing a new set of biological microscopes?

Sunflower stem, cross section.

Types of Objectives

This article gives you an overview of different types of microscope objectives, but I must note that a particular objective can fall into several categories at the same time. For educational work, parfocal, achromatic, bright field objectives are very common.

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