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New Microscopy Forum!

The new microscopy forum is now online and everyone is invited to join.

FB likes

Celebrating 1000 FaceBook likes!

Cause for celebration: 1000 Facebook likes reached!

Preface to the book

Welcome to the February 2013 version of the Beginner’s Guide to Microscopy.


What is amateur microscopy?

Amateur microscopy, enthusiast microscopy or citizen microscopy – all of these terms mean essentially the same thing. It is the use of microscopes for the love of observing and exploring one’s surroundings.

500 magazine downloads in 3 weeks

It’s time to write another short editorial and to summarize some of the trends of the past 3 weeks.

How many cells are there in the human body?

Let us calculate the total number of cells in the human body.

Some Humor: Microscopy Cartoons and Comics

Today something different! I found some cartoons and comics relating to microscopy. Here are the links: Cartoons 1 | Cartoons 2

Some Thoughts on Recreational / Amateur Microscopy (Part 2)

Today, I’d like to continue my thoughts on microscopy as a hobby.

Introducing the Microscopy Forum

I’ve now installed a microscopy forum which adds an extra level of organization by pre-defining certain categories. It is also not necessary to register in order to use the forum.

Some Thoughts on Recreational / Amateur Microscopy

In this post, I’m pondering about amateur microscopy and astronomy. There is an evident imbalance and I wonder why.

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