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How to prepare squash specimen samples for microscopic observation

Squashing the specimens (instead of cutting them) is a fast and easy way to prepare specimens.

Heat-fixing and staining human cheek cells

Observing human cells is a good introductory activity to learn heat-fixing and staining.

Setting up a Home Laboratory for Microscopy

The home laboratory provides a safe working environment for microscopic investigations.

Using a Hemocytometer to Calculate Cell Size

A counting ĉamber (hemocytometer) can also be used to calculate the size of cells.

size calculation

Determining Size in Microscopic Images

Here is an instruction on how to calculate the size of cells using a microscope.

Air bubbles under the microscope

How to prevent Air Bubbles in Wet Mounts

There are several methods how bubbles can be reduced when making slides.

Testing the Hand Microtome

Cutting a carrot with a hand microtome.

Making a wet mount microscope slide

This post explains how to make a wet mount. Video included!

Fixing specimens for making permanent slides

Before specimens can be processed for making permanent slides, they may need to be fixed.

How to make microscope filters

In this post I’d like to show you a method of making patch stop and color filters using a printer.

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