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Heat-fixing and staining human cheek cells

Observing human cells is a good introductory activity to learn heat-fixing and staining.

Setting up a Home Laboratory for Microscopy

The home laboratory provides a safe working environment for microscopic investigations.

Using a Hemocytometer to Calculate Cell Size

A counting ĉamber (hemocytometer) can also be used to calculate the size of cells.

Air bubbles under the microscope

How to prevent Air Bubbles in Wet Mounts

There are several methods how bubbles can be reduced when making slides.

Euparal Mounting Medium

Euparal is a semi-synthetic mounting medium used in microscopy.

Fixing specimens for making permanent slides

Before specimens can be processed for making permanent slides, they may need to be fixed.

counting chamber, hemocytometer

The hemocytometer (counting chamber)

The hemocytometer (or haemocytometer or counting chamber) is a specimen slide which is used to determine the concentration of cells in a liquid sample. It is frequently used to determine the concentration of blood cells (hence the name “hemo-“) but also the concentration of sperm cells in a sample.

Ranunculus pollen mounted in air, with cover glass.

The effect of the mounting medium on specimen and image quality

The mounting medium can have a significant effect both on the image quality and on the specimen itself.

Stereo microscope projects

Let’s have a look at some stereo microscope projects that you can do with children.

Observing bacteria under the light microscope

It is possible to use non-toxic stains (such as ink for fountain pens) to stain yogurt bacteria in-vivo.

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