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Making a wet mount for microscopy

A wet mount (or temporary mount) is one of the most common ways of observing specimens under the microscope.

Making mounts of pollen grains

Permanent slides of pollen grains can be used as a reference for identifying unknown pollen samples. It is therefore important, that the pollen grains remain in an authentic, natural shape.

An overview of mounting media for microscopy

This post gives an overview of different water-based and non-water-based mounting media and their advantages and disadvantages.

Choosing the right mounting medium for making permanent slides

Here I will give an overview of the different factors that may be used to decide on which mounting medium to choose.

Staining bacteria

Here is yet another link to an article from Popular Science magazine.

Stains and reagents for microscopy

I found an article in Popular Science Magazine (see link below) which gives a general overview of different stains that can be used in microscopy.

Introductory Microscopy Projects for Schools

Are you looking for simple microscopy projects for classrooms? Here is a list of ideas. Do not forget about safety measures!

Making a Soil Culture for Growing Algae

It may be necessary to grow large amounts of green algae (and other microorganisms) to be used for microscopic observations in schools. A soil culture allows you to enrich various types of algae.

Observing Potato Starch Grains

Potato starch grains are an ideal for observation in polarized light and in dark-field. Sample preparation is simple and straight-forward.

Dry-mounted permanent slides

Wings of insects, small insects and other small specimens do not have to be enclosed in a mounting-medium, they can also be dry-mounted. If they are completely dry, then they will also store for a long time.

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