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Buying microscopes for children

What are some of the things to look out for when buying a microscope for children? Here is a FAQ which covers the essential points.

amplitude, phase

Phase Contrast vs. Bright Field Microscopy

These two microscopic techniques are suitable for different specimens.

Some Thoughts on Recreational / Amateur Microscopy (Part 2)

Today, I’d like to continue my thoughts on microscopy as a hobby.

Online Virtual Microscopes

I’d like to give you a quick evaluation of some online virtual microscopes and microscope simulations that I found.

Answering Reader Questions

Why is refractive index of mounting media important?

Parts of a Microtome

Here I’m unpacking my new hand microtome and explaining the different parts. A hand microtome (or cylinder microtome) is a device used to make thin cuts of a specimen for microscopic observations. The video briefly illustrates the different parts of a hand microtome.

How to obtain the best resolution with your microscope

The resolution that a microscope is capable of achieving is probably the single most important factor that determines the quality of a microscopic image. Without a sufficiently high resolution, magnification is not possible without loss of quality. There are a variety of different factors that determine the achievable resolution. Some of these factors can not be actively influenced by the microscopist, others can. Some of the factors play a larger role, others a smaller one. In the following post, I want to summarize some of these factors.

Answering reader questions

And yet again it’s time to answer some reader questions!

Q & A: What people searched for

In this post I’d like to address some of the search queries that people typed to find this web site.

5 Rules of buying a microscope

I’ve been repeatedly asked for advice concerning the purchase of microscopes of hobby and amateur purposes. The following rules should help you in your choice.

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