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What should I do if I want to observe fungi?

Fungi can be interesting to observe, but not all of them are healthy and molds that have spoiled food are particularly a problem.

Dry-mounted slide

How do you make dry-mounted permanent slides?

Dry-mounted permanent slides do not use a mounting medium. It is necessary to hold the cover glass in place using adhesive tape.

I can not see any water organisms! What am I doing wrong?

Pond water is a favorite sample to observe. Sometimes, you do not see anything, however. The reason is usually that you took a sample from the water itself and not of the ground.

What is Rheinberg illumination?

Rheinberg illumination is a variation of darkfield. Rheinberg filters are placed into the filter holder of the microscope, which produce a colored image of the specimen on a background of a different color.

What should I do if I want to observe bacteria?

Observing bacteria is not easy with a bright field microscope. There are several reasons for this.

What are possible reasons for not seeing an image?

In this post I will outline some of the reasons why no clear image can be seen under the microscope.

What can I do if I see a double picture?

Seeing a double picture can be the case when using stereo microscopes or compound microscopes with a binocular head. This can be due to several reasons.

Why should I not use the coarse focus knob for high-power objectives?

Use the coarse focus knob only with the 4x (low power) objectives.

How do I correctly observe a specimen?

Before looking at the specimen, we have to make some basic adjustments to the microscope.

What does the condenser do?

The condenser, which is attached to the bottom of the stage, bundles the light and is responsible for a better resolution.

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