Why are there algae growing in my water bottle?
There was some green stuff growing on the inside of my water bottle. A biofilm of algae and bacteria. In this video I will have a look on how it looks like under the microscope.
I am making KEFIR and put it under the microscope
Many bacteria and yeasts in Kefir. Here I have a closer look at them. And I also make Kefir!
How to find WATER BEARS (Tardigrades) and why they are now also on the moon
How Water Bears were discovered and also some other interesting facts.
Microorganisms from Ice Water | How To | The importance of correct temperature 🔬 178
Here I show you what you can do if you find too few microorganisms in cold water.
How to put SNOW under the microscope (without taking the microscope out into the cold)
Here I explain to you how to make a permanent microscope slide of snow.
🔬 Growing AMOEBA for microscopy
Here I show you a method of growing amoeba so that they become easier to observe under the microscope.
🔬 CYCLOPS: Where to find them and how to put them under the microscope
These are small freshwater crustaceans. They look nice under the microscope.
🔬 AMOEBA: Where you can find them for your microscope
Watching amoebae under the microscope is fun. But you first have to find them.
🔬 CELL DIVISION: how to watch it under the microscope
Protozoa can be made to divide by giving them some food. Here I show you how.
🔬 FUNGUS? Is this bread safe? Using a microscope to find out
Checking food to see if mold grows on it or something else