Hot debate in the microscopy community – “China Microscopes”
A topic, that is sometimes emotionally discussed online. Every now and then it flames up again, and here is my take on the issue.
Should you make videos or photographs with a microscope? What’s better?
The short answer is, make photographs if the specimen is not moving and make videos if it is moving. Later you can always convert one form into another form.
The purpose of Amateur Microscopy – some thoughts
Here I ponder on the usefulness of amateur microscopy.
Some cool video effects for microscopy | panning and zooming with daVinci Resolve
Here I show you how to make smooth pans and zooms using two free pieces of software.
🔬 What magnification does the microscope camera have?
There are two kinds of magnification and they mean different things. The difference is explained here.
🔬 Preventing eyestrain when looking through microscopes
What you could do to reduce eyestrain when looking through a microscope.
🔬 How TYNDALLIZATION kills bacteria and how to make yogurt
The differences between sterilization with an autoclave and tyndallization.
🔬 Different types of Microscope Eyepieces (oculars)
There are different types of microscope eyepieces and in this video I want to show them to you and also on how to take them apart for cleaning.
🔬 How to find out if the microscope objective is dirty
What to do when you do not see anything with the microscope. Maybe the objective is dirty, but how can you find out?
🔬 Advice on Microscopy Youtube Channels
If you want to start a microscopy Youtube channel, here is some advice.