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Under the microscope #3 – Water fountain (with Spirogyra algae)

Here are some nice images of the alga Spirogyra. These algae have a spiral-shaped chloroplast. The video also shows other algae in colonies.

Under the microscope #2 – Sand from playground

Unless it is fine-grained, sand is a bit more difficult to observe under the microscope. Darkfiled microscopy shows quite nicely, that many sand grains are transparent (some made made of quartz).

Under the microscope #1 – Dandelion

Dandelion seeds are scattered by wind. Here I am having a look at the fruit of a dandelion. The fruits are the fine “hairs” that carry the seed. In the field of Biology the term “fruit” does not have the same meaning as in everyday usage.

High speed micrography – stinging nematocysts of a jelly fish

Here is an embedded Youtube video which shows some high speed photography.

Foldscope: a paper microscope

The foldscope is a paper microscope with x/y positioning of the slide and an ability to focus.


Paramecium movement

Paramecia are single-celled organisms, belonging to the group of protozoa. They are covered with cilia, which beat and move the cell in the water. Diluted milk was added to the sample to make the water movement visible.

Using the Microscope: Slide adjustment, focussing

This instructional video gives an introduction into the correct use of the microscope.

Video: The secret life of plankton

I just want to share a nice video that I found. It’s worth watching.

The Multitouch Microscope: The future of Microscopy?

This is a truly interesting innovation. The microscopy slide is scanned at high resolution and zooming and panning is done over the touch screen.

Unpacking the Leica BM E microscope

Here we’re having a look at the Leica BM E educational microscope. This model is equipped with a 4x, 10x and 40x objective, with the possibility of adding a further objective.

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