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Potato starch grains in polarized light and in darkfield

Potato starch grains make a great beginner’s microscopy specimen, becasue they are very easy to prepare. And they look great.

Tampon under the microscope

Tampons contain natural or synthetic cellulose fibers (cotton or rayon). Under darkfield microscopy they look fascinating.

Top reasons why amateur microscopy is a great hobby

Microscopy is a great hobby both for young and old and it is not difficult to get started.

Crystals made with fire under the microscope

The most unique way of making a specimen slide? A burning match vaporizes sulfur, which condenses on a slide, which can be observed using polarized light.

Satisfying: Paper soaking up ink – looks nice

Stereomicroscopy of pen and paper: we can see capillary action when different kinds of paper soak up ink.

How many bubbles are in shaving foam?

Watch shaving foam under the microscope! And then let’s find out the number of foam bubbles in a can of foam.

Cheapest usable microscope? A review.

Note: This is not a sponsored video. I bought the microscope myself and am not paid etc. for doing this review. Name of microsce: Telmu XSP-75 Afiliate link Cost: EUR 79.99 USD 89.99 I liked: – Overall good build quality. – Low cost – Coarse and fine focus knob (most micrscopes in that […]

How to use the microscope’s stage caliper

The stage caliper allows you to move the slide with a precision of 0.1mm. In this video I explain how to read the scale.

Microscope eypieces

Here we have a look at the different parameters that characterize microscope eyepieces: size, magnification, eye relief.

Magnification explained

The differences between magnification and linear magnification. The basics explained.

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