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The Multitouch Microscope: The future of Microscopy?

This is a truly interesting innovation. The microscopy slide is scanned at high resolution and zooming and panning is done over the touch screen.

Unpacking the Leica BM E microscope

Here we’re having a look at the Leica BM E educational microscope. This model is equipped with a 4x, 10x and 40x objective, with the possibility of adding a further objective.

Artistic applications of stereo microscopes

First of all: a Happy New Year 2011! I’d like to start the new year by sharing a video that I found – a purely artistic application of stereo microscopes. Willard Wigan is an artist who creates microscopic sculptures.

A digital reticle: micrographs with an iPhone

I found the following YouTube video, which illustrates the use of an iPhone applet for the taking of micrographs.

Time-lapse Video of Vitamin C Crystallization

The video is a time lapse of crystallizing Vitamin C.

Testing the Hand Microtome

Cutting a carrot with a hand microtome.

Parts of a Microtome

Here I’m unpacking my new hand microtome and explaining the different parts. A hand microtome (or cylinder microtome) is a device used to make thin cuts of a specimen for microscopic observations. The video briefly illustrates the different parts of a hand microtome.

Making a wet mount microscope slide

This post explains how to make a wet mount. Video included!

Introducing the Microscope

Parts of a Microscope (Introducing the Microscope) Videos – Parts 1 and 2

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