Cheapest usable microscope? A review.

Note: This is not a sponsored video. I bought the microscope myself and am not paid etc. for doing this review.

Name of microsce: Telmu XSP-75
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Cost: EUR 79.99 USD 89.99

I liked:
– Overall good build quality.
– Low cost
– Coarse and fine focus knob (most micrscopes in that price range have only one focus knob)
– mobile phone adapter is solid (but can not be used to full potential in this case, see below)

I did not like:
– The 10x eyepiece has a very small eye relief and therefore you have to go very close to the eyepiece to see an image. This is also a problem for the mobile phone adapter, which requires an eyepeice with a longer eye relief so that one can get a full image.

This is where they saved costs: You have to cut down costs somewhere for this price.
– No 160 mm DIN optics
– No condenser
– No mechanical stage
– No external power supply
– optical quality of the 40x is noticable lower than of better microscopes.

This is what they added, what I consider unnecessary:
– The colored filtered ring
– They should have included a better 10x eyepiece instead of a second 25x eyepiece.


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Microscope used: Olympus CH40

Camera: Canon EOS 5D Mark II