I have just unpacked my new microscope. Now what?

In front of you: your new microscope. You are eager to test it and wonder what you should look at. Well, I hope that you did not forget to order slides and cover glasses along with your microscope!

You can make a wet mount of the following:

  • Cut off a small sample from the fur of a stuffed animal. Textile fibers look nice under the microscope.
  • Find some house dust. You can also collect it wiome adhesive tape and then stick the tape on a slide.
  • Take a single hair and tie a knot into it.
  • Look at the screen of your mobile phone in low magnification to see the red, green and blue LEDs.
  • Use Qtips to collect some cells from the inside of your mouth and streak it on the slide.
  • Look at the letters of a printed newspaper.