MicrobeHunter Magazine (April 2011)

Volume 1, Number 4, April 2011

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Welcome to the fourth issue of MicrobeHunter magazine. You can download the PDF and order a printed version.

At this point I would also like to encourage all readers to participate by writing articles (short and long). Read the submissions page for more information.

If you encounter any errors or mistakes, please inform me, I will correct these and upload a new version.


A Simple Centrifuge for Microscopists
Commercial centrifuges can be expensive, why not try to make your own?
Robert F. Hancock

The Novitiate’s Odyssey: Episode Three
Experiences and lessons of restoring antique microscopes.
Joseph G. Wilhelm

Introducing: The Hemocytometer
Haemocytometers are specialized specimen slides that are designed to quantify the cell density.
Oliver Kim

A Laser Refractometer
It is possible to make one yourself to measure the refractive index of different mounting media.
Robert F. Hancock

Photomicrography Course in Mexico
From Mexico, sharing our love of microscopy to young scientist aspirants.
Víctor Rafael Zárate-Ramírez, M.Sc.

Parasitoid wasps: A Photomicrographic Survey of their Life Cycle in the Laboratory
In this contribution we describe the life cycle of Aphidius colemani, a parasitoid wasp.
Víctor Rafael Zárate-Ramírez et al.