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Volume 4, Number 4, April 2014
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The green algae Volvox
Oliver Kim

Peridotite: A host rock of chromite, the source rock of diamonds
This is the first of what I hope will become a series of photos of thin section minerals, crystals and other non-biological microscope slides.
Carl Hennig

Images of flowers, desmids and basil leaves.
David Darrah, Rashid Nassar, Oliver Kim

Collection and observation of metal Micrometeorites
Microscopic meteorites could be found in your backyard.
Matej Pašák and Pavel Bílek

Cleavers (Galium aparine) under the microscope
Here are some close-up views of Galium aparine, the Stickyweed or cleavers.
Roland Luts

A closer look at emulsions and emulsifiers
An emulsifying agent is something that can be added to an oil and water mixture that stabilises the emulsion.
Neill Tucker

Home-made Lab Equipment
Making one’s own lab equipment can greatly add to the appeal of microscopy.
Neill Tucker

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