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Volume 2, Number 8, August 2012
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Welcome to MicrobeHunter Microscopy Magazine. You can download the PDF and order a printed version.

At this point I would also like to encourage all readers to participate by writing articles (short and long). Read the submissions page for more information.

If you encounter any errors or mistakes, please inform me, I will correct these and upload a new version.



Making and Using Rheinberg Filters
Microscopy offers many possibilities for experimentation. Let’s try out some optical staining methods.
Oliver Kim

Note on Coloured Illumination
This is a reprint of an article from 1896, in which Julius Reinberg himself describes his method of making filters.
Julius Rheinberg (1897, reprint)

Reinberg’s Differential Illumination
This excerpt is from the 1920 book by Edmund J.Spitta.
Edmund J. Spitta (1920, reprint)

Note on a new modification of double Colour Illumination
This is an addition to Rheinberg’s previous article on colored filters.
Julius Rheinberg (1897, reprint)

Images by Luca Monzo, and Mike Gibson.

Roadside epibionts in the summer heat
These epibionts live on freshewater Tubifex worms.
Charles E. Guevara

Xanthidium armatum

Mike Guwak

Averaging images to remove movement
Motile microorganisms are difficult to photograph.
Oliver Kim

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