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Volume 4, Number 8, August 2014
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Erythrocytes, red blood corpuscles, haematids, red blood cells, or simply: RBCs
Red blood cells can be observed well under dark-field and oblique illumination.
Oliver Kim

Mini-databases on slides, slide boxes and cabinets as a means of labeling
In this article we present a method of attaching a micro SD storage card to a microscope slide for the storage of medical data.
Salah Deeb et al.

Moss selfie with a digital microscope
Taking photos of a moss with an USB digital microscope: a good alternative strategy to obtain high magnification images
Mirian Pereira de Oliveira et al.

Dolerite and peridotite thin section mineral slides
Polished samples of the minerals dolerite and peridotite reveal stunning colors under polarized light.
Carl Hennig

My microtome collection
Microtomes come in a wide range of different sizes. We shall now have a short look at some of them.
Oliver Kim

Images of a diatom, rotifer and a peritrich.
Rashid Nassar

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