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Volume 2, Number 12, December 2012
Microbehunter (December 2012) (3428 downloads)

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Welcome to MicrobeHunter Microscopy Magazine. You can download the PDF and order a printed version.

At this point I would also like to encourage all readers to participate by writing articles (short and long). Read the submissions page for more information.

If you encounter any errors or mistakes, please inform me, I will correct these and upload a new version.




Stereo Microscopes: Part 1: Understanding Stereoscopic Vision, and the Evolution of Stereoscopic Devices (4th ed.)
This four part series presents the history, design, and applications of stereo microscopes.
R. Jordan Kreindler

Penium spirostriolatum
Mike Guwak

Calibration of a Microscope
A comparison of a cheap versus a more expensive method.
Roland Luts

Winter Colors
From digital screens to printed media to snow flakes, color is nothing like you see it – or is it? Here’s a quick
intro to the magic of color.
Johann Vogel

Images by Luca Monzo and Hans Rothauscher

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  1. I am interested in microscopy as a hobby and would like more information. I am 68 yrs old and retired with time for an interesting hobby.

    1. Hello,
      I am now in the process of writing a guide for beginning hobby microscopists which will soon (1-2 weeks) be published on this website. This guide should (hopefully) answer most of the questions.

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