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Volume 4, Number 6, June 2014
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Foraminifera – Protists making carbonate shells
Even though they are probably best viewed with a stereo microscope, Foraminifera can also show some intricate details in dark-field.
Oliver Kim

Preparing thick rock sections
The usual method for preparing and analysing rock samples is to cut, grind and polish the rocks into thin sections. This article explains a method more suitable for the amateur.
Neill Tucker

Ideas are contagious: A learning experience
Have you ever read an article describing something you thought was basic, but it ended up being a very technical dissertation? Yet after slogging through the many diagrams and formula, a grain of an idea emerged.
Carl Hennig

Mounting of Stained Histological and Histopathological Paraffin Sections on Flexible Plastic Sheets
It is possible to replace glass slides with flexible plastic film.
Salah Deeb, Mahmoud El-Begawey, Khalid El-Nesr and Shimaa El-Nahas

Images of a Bryozoan, an anemone and other water organisms.
Images by Claude Grayson and Salvador Embarcadero Jiménez

Photos of Shelly limestone
The source of all mankind’s problems discovered in ancient fossilized limestone. Archaeologist Adam Eve could not locate the apple.
Carl Hennig

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