Microbehunter Magazine (May 2012)

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Volume 2, Number 5, May 2012

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Stereo Microscope: Part 4 – Conclusion
This paper completes a four part series on stereo microscopes, their history, design and applications. It presents concluding comments, and offers some
suggestions for potential stereo microscope buyers
R. Jordan Kreindler

Backyard Forensics: A Case of Mistaken Identity
Asbestos? Fiberglass? Amateur microscopy comes
to the rescue!
Johann Vogel

Images from Luca Monzo, R. Nassar, Manfred Rath and Oliver Kim

The Difficulty of Making Fluid Permanent Mounts
Here I would like to investigate the making of permanent slides using liquid mounting media.
Oliver Kim

Micrasterias rotata
Mike Guwak

Yeast CO2 Production
Carbon dioxide production by yeast can be observed under the microscope.
Oliver Kim