Microbehunter Magazine (November 2011)

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Volume 1, Number 11, November 2011

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Welcome to the 10th issue of MicrobeHunter magazine. You can download the PDF and order a printed version.

At this point I would also like to encourage all readers to participate by writing articles (short and long). Read the submissions page for more information.

If you encounter any errors or mistakes, please inform me, I will correct these and upload a new version.


A Review of Essential Oils as clearing agents for natural history specimens
Certain essential oils have previously been used in microscopy as clearing agents. While they certainly smell better than xylene do they actually perform?
Andrew Chick

Bad Pictures
Why report back only the successful microscopy attempts? This one resulted in quite disappointing images.
Oliver Kim

New Techniques in Microscopy
Smartphones as microscopes, scanners that scan slides instead of traditional microscopes…. Where will the future take us?
Oliver Kim

Image Gallery
Pictures by Anthony Thomas and Manfred Rath.

Field Notes on Science and Nature
Keep a scientific notebook which documents your observations! A book review.
Wayne Wilson

Polarizing Microscope and Applications
What are the areas of applications of polarizing microscopes?
Monty Apollo

A Wonderful Gift for Christmas?
How well do toy microscopes perform? Wilhelm Resch bought one to give it a test.
Wilhelm Resch

Observing Yogurt Bacteria
Yogurt bacteria can be observed in a wet mount or after heat-fixing and staining them.
Oliver Kim

Large phototrophic purple sulfur bacteria on a leaf
A magenta-colored bloom can be an indication for the presence of purple phototrophic bacteria. Here, aggregates of these bacteria were found on a decaying leaf.
Charles Guevara

Staining Epithelial Cells with Ink
Regular fountain-pen will stain epithelial cells.
Oliver Kim