Onion root tip mitosis

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Onion root tip mitosis

#1 Post by MicroBob » Wed Sep 18, 2019 3:14 pm

Hi together,
I think about a simple way to make permanent slides from onion tip cells.
For fresh slides it is common to bathe the tips in warm karmin and acetic acid. Then knock and press under a cover slip.
I read of a method that then continues with freezing the slide, snapping off the cover slip with frozen onion mush, a drop of isopropanol, Euparal, a new slide and the permanent slide is ready. This sounds like a description that leaves out some important details. Has somebody of you made permanent slides of onion tips that were prepared this way?

(John, I love your mitosis slides from sliced paraffin, but this would be to difficult to make for my purpose) It is very tempting though....


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