CDs and Books - Advanced microscopy

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CDs and Books - Advanced microscopy

#1 Post by MikeBradley » Thu Jul 09, 2020 7:42 pm

I have in my possession a couple of slim books and CD’s that belonged to my friend Dr. Jim Pawley, formerly with UW Madison and UBC, Jim died last year. The CD’s and books are either unopened or in mint condition. I have no need for the items and thought they may be of interest to some members of this forum. They are available for the cost of postage to the first to ask, no more than 1 item per person please. Please contact me by PM.

1 -CD The Oxford Guide to X-ray microanalysis (vol1&2)
2 - CD Digital Atlas of Mouse Embryology, Smith, Johnson & Linney, 1995, Macintosh Version 1.2
3 - Confocal Imaging & Microvolume Spectroscopy using Synchroton Radiation, van der Oord, 1965
4 - Controlled Light Exposure Microscopy, Hoebe, 2009

Olympus BH2,
Carl Zeiss Standard WL
Canon 90D

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