Olympus BX parts for sale

Have a problem finding shops that sell specific materials? Ask here. Are you looking for microscope parts? Do you have anything to offer for sale? Note: this is not a section for external companies to advertise their products.
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Olympus BX parts for sale

#1 Post by mrsonchus » Fri Dec 20, 2019 5:44 pm

Hi all.

I've a spare Olympus BX40 frame that I'm selling in parts.

I'm placing the parts onto e-bay hopefully they'll all be listed tonight....

6V 30W halogen lamphouse including bulb,

U-TR30 trinocular head,

A pair of WH10x oculars for the head,

Stage, U-SVRDTB, RH X-Y controls including 2-slide specimen holder,

U-5RE slide-in 5position nosepiece,

Specially nice parts,
The frame itself - beautiful condition, no stage, head, nosepiece, lamphouse, just frame with beautifully smooth couarse and fine focus racks,

LED converter now SOLD

RARE---- The adapter that enables fixed-nosepiece BX range microscopes to use slide-in nosepeieces! Part number is U-READB and is exceptionally hard to find. I had to buy a complete frame to find this one in fact!!

If you're interested in any parts just let me know!
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Re: Olympus BX parts for sale

#2 Post by Tom Jones » Fri Dec 20, 2019 8:07 pm

PM sent.

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