Olympus FHT

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Olympus FHT

#1 Post by Leitzcycler » Mon Nov 16, 2020 12:46 pm

I am not absolutely sure if this was a rational purchase… Anyway, Olympus FH is the most cute microscope I have ever seen. So when I saw it in Ebay, I just didn’t have any other choice. My offer 150USD was accepted, however the shipping from US to Finland doubled the costs. And, what is more, almost every single part of the microscope is totally jammed. It is awfully dirty and dusty too. Must have been sitting in a junk room for years. If you think I must have some mental problems you might be right. However, I have one excuse for this crazy purchase: I need a microscope in my lab for routine checking of cultures. Yes, I have my old Lomo Biolam for that… but it is not so cute and has no plan objectives like the FHT has. So… I think this is a perfect project during dark and rainy days while waiting for winter, snow and cross-country skiing. Before starting to dismantle:

I have found some brochures and manuals from Alan Wood’s excellent pages concerning this particular model. However, there is no repair manual or exploded view, which could be helpful. Although I think dismantling the parts and the focusing block must be quite intuitive, the exploded drawing would be nice. So you help would be highly appreciated if you could assist me to get the following information:

1. Where to find a repair manual or exploded drawing of Olympus FHT microscope?
2. Is there a list of Olympus microscope serial numbers to trace the manufacturing year? This model is probably from early 60’s.
3. Any comments or stories about this model? Good and bad features? How popular and successful this “super delux research microscope” as it was advertised actually was? How much it cost compared to other top-quality research microscopes?
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Re: Olympus FHT

#2 Post by PeteM » Tue Nov 17, 2020 1:34 am

The old Olympus scopes are pretty well built. So once you free up the old grease, I think you'll have a good scope. The relatively small footprint should make it a good travel scope. A LED conversion should be fairly easy as well and while the objectives are fairly old "short barrel" models you can sometimes find plan fluorite and apochromat versions for not much money.

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Re: Olympus FHT

#3 Post by Rossf » Thu Nov 19, 2020 8:46 pm

I’ve got one of these as well-I think they are better built than the original BH models-get a trinoc head if you can or they have a simple photo tube to attach later photo adapters-Olympus scopes seem to be very backwards compatible with photo attachments-I use an MTV-3 (BH-2 era) adapter as my cameras are c-mount but you can attach for DSLR with different adapter-those plan objectives are really nice with an oblique condenser-I just use an old Nikon one with decentreable iris-just be careful detaching the head as it has a protruding relay tube that I get really nervous about damaging-look for the document on alanwoods about reconditioning a 50 year old KH (I think anyway) it has coaxial focus so may provide clues-yes the repair manual would be great if one could find it-and I’m pretty sure they don’t have any plastic gears to finally crack. You have to remove all objectives before attempting to remove stage though-not enough room. Hope it works out well for you-mine came with an epi illumination attachment which was a cool bonus...photos below BTW the illumination assembly is wonderfully easy to take apart to clean those glass elements..
Regards ross
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