Zeiss Photomicroscope optics

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Zeiss Photomicroscope optics

#1 Post by enricosavazzi » Wed Sep 09, 2020 8:20 am

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A colorful example of delamination of some internal optics of a Zeiss Photomicroscope (probably one of the telan lenses of the magnification changer, or one of the optics for the film camera built into the stand).

I had been gradually building up and completing this microscope for several years in order to use it after retiring, until I realized that delamination was "eating away" its optics faster than I was purchasing them.

I got rid of this microscope a few years ago, and this is one of the few pieces I still have. It is, nonetheless, an interesting subject for photomacrography.

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Re: Zeiss Photomicroscope optics

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Too many 'projects'

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