AO Series 10 questions

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AO Series 10 questions

#1 Post by DrPhoxinus » Wed Jan 30, 2019 5:06 pm

My last acquisition was at a charity site- A monocular series 10 with a strange condenser.

Well when the scope arrived included was a paper to using darkfield to detect Treponema spirochetes in blood.
The scope had health department stickers on it.

Well the condenser is a 218F. Does any one use it. I presume it has to be oiled and is best above 40 X
Does it work at 10X?

Also one stand has a fine focus problem where the right knob works and moves the left knob but the converse fails.
Is there a clutch? How does one remove the knobs?

I had a coaxial stage control freeze up. Can you swap the stage control between stages easily?

I am amazed how well the AO scopes work as well as they do given the decades

Gerard WB8BDR

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Re: AO Series 10 questions

#2 Post by zzffnn » Wed Jan 30, 2019 6:12 pm

Welcome to the forum.

I used to have what looks like an AO "218F" condenser. I listed all I know about it in the following forum thread. It has to he oiled to slide bottom and works best with objective NA of 0.50 (20x) to 1.0. At 10x NA 0.25 objective, you will see a bright right on periphery of view field. ... 95a74e5993

I don't own an AO 10 to answer the rest of your questions, sorry.

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