Sorry, but need a quick answer

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Sorry, but need a quick answer

#1 Post by mnmyco » Mon Oct 21, 2019 9:55 pm

Does anyone know if the nosepiece, binocular, and halogen lamp socket from an AO microstar that is in their white, square time period (so like series 410 or so look) will fit a series 20?

I got an amazing private offer considering what is on the microscope. I only have 30 hours or so. Again sorry for the time crunch.


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Re: Sorry, but need a quick answer

#2 Post by apochronaut » Mon Oct 21, 2019 11:17 pm

If it is a series 410 Microstar, with a 24 watt halogen illuminator the nosepiece will not fit a 20 in the reversed position because it is too big but the dovetail does fit, so it will fit in the forward position. If it is the 420 Diastar, with the 100 watt remote illuminator housing, the nosepiece is on a quick change sliding dovetail or akehurst slide mount. Those only fit the Diastar and would be too big anyway because they are 6 hole.....they are close to 6 inches across. If by some chance, it turns out to be a 110 or 120, although those nosepieces are larger than those on the 20, they will fit and work.

The heads of both the 410 and 420 will fit the series 20 physically because they have the same dovetail but the corrections in the tube lens that resides in the bottom of each head are different. AO/Reichert made two generations of infinity optics 1961-1985 34mm parfocal and 1971-2002 45mm parfocal. Each type needs to be used with the correct tube lens. The series 20 was fitted with the 34mm parfocal optics and so needs to be used with a head from either the series 10/20 or the series 110/120.

The only AO microscopes fitted with a remote 100 watt illuminator are the 20, 120 and 420. They all use the same bulb but only the 20 and 120 have the same socket that uses a cable connection to a remote 12v. transformer. Although the 420 socket, superficially looks the same , the transformer for the 420 is internal, mounted partially in the base and partially in the ventilated arm, so the lamp socket makes contact via spring loaded contacts upon insertion into it's bore and will not work on a 20.

It would help to know, just what microscope it is you have been offered but I think I have covered the bases for you.

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