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Re: Test link to Google Photos

#31 Post by Hobbyst46 » Tue Aug 06, 2019 7:23 pm

MicroBob wrote:Hi together,
after that Photobucket problem I'm somewhat wary when it comes to external image hosts. A few others have quit too and a forum without the images is not worth a lot. Especially a forum loke this were valuable information is posted. When a forum goes down the links to external image hosts are as worthless as the images stored on the forum. But when one of many image hosters stops to work the forum is affected even when it is running well on it's own.

I wasn't aware of the 100 MB image limit and I don't know the reason for it. If storage volume costs Oliver Kim a lot of money we could go through our images and delete those of little general interest. It would also be an idea to collect some money to make more space available if this is needed.

What do you think about this?

Agree 100%.
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Re: Test link to Google Photos

#32 Post by Roldorf » Tue Aug 06, 2019 8:16 pm

The image restrictions imposed by Oliver on microbehunter don't seem to bother most posters, if you look at the locations of their images, most seem to be stored on this server.

I was concerned as I was posting lots of images, which prompted me to do a little research on how to locate them somewhere else.

With the various websites that I have access to (at no cost of course) I have somewhere around 32 Gbyte or in this website's equivalent storage allowance, 320 times more space.

Even so, if I had been a member for as long as some here I would have long ago used that up.

I have no worries about the likes of Photobucket ceasing to exist, there are always others ready to fill the gap and if you have your images also stored offline it ceases to be a problem, (my important images are all stored on external drives) it just takes a little while to figure out a way to use them.
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Re: Test link to Google Photos

#33 Post by tgss » Tue Aug 06, 2019 8:20 pm

Hi Bob
I sympathise with your concerns regarding external image hosting sites and the big problems that can be created when they disappear, permanently or temporararily. Your suggestion that some money be collected to support additional storage space is OK with me. But I don't know how the forum hosting organization manages this; would such a purchase be a one time deal, or do you have to pay monthly, say, to support additional storage. In the former case such a scheme could be acceptable, in the latter, probably not. Assuming such a scheme is workable, would those who choose to contribute be paying for the benefit of all, or would such contributions be used to buy, say, more image storage space for their own posts? Lots of details to be worked out, I think, to come up with a universally acceptable scheme. In the meantime Oliver's forum guidlines ask us to use an image hosting service if possible, and Alan's approach to this provides, for the moment at least, a simple, free, and unlimited method of doing so for those who choose to go this route.
Tom W.

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Re: Test link to Google Photos

#34 Post by MicroBob » Wed Aug 07, 2019 8:46 am

Hi Alan and Tom,
I have all forum images stored locally of cause but in the past I loaded some up to photobucket and put the link in threads in different forums. I now would have to go through all my posts and look for broken image links and repair them, if this is possible at all. This would be a lot of work so the links stay broken for now. If somebody does a search for a certain topic and finds the post without expanatory pictures he won't be happy. For this reason I prefer to have the image hosted directly in the forum so the treads stay fully available or are lost completely when the forum goes down.

Probably nobody has so far reached the limit and it hasn't become a problem. I have no idea whether image space is expensive, maybe it is not really a problem.


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Re: Test link to Google Photos

#35 Post by Roldorf » Wed Aug 07, 2019 9:42 am

Hi Bob, I can see the issue and very old posts are unlikely to cause a problem for most members even the ones that posted the images in the first place.
The posts of my pollen pictures will in a few months be forgotten so if they disappear from the forum it will be no great loss.

I think that if we use a little thought on what images we post and where it can probably help the smooth running and usefulness of the forum.
Images of what we see through the objectives are probably not so important as what we post on how to do certain things such as repairs, setups of equipment etc.
These images do not need to be in high resolution and as such will use very little of our allowance on this server. They are a lot more valuable to the members in general, so better that they remain visible on the forum for as long as possible.

In any case happy posting and a picture is, as always, worth more than a thousand words.

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