Some important info about image upload

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Some important info about image upload

#1 Post by Oliver » Wed Oct 15, 2014 7:12 pm

There are two ways of making pictures visible inside one post.
1. You can upload a picture to an external image hosting service (Photobucket, Flickr, etc) and then include the link to the picture inside the post. Copy paste the complete link (including the beginning http://) and then surround the link with the [img]and[/img] tags. This is the preferred method. You have a lot of storage space available, because the forum itself does not have to host the pictures. Image size is also not limited and you can include as many images per post as you want. These external servers are also large and fast and can handle much data more efficiently.

There is no easy way to include DropBox images into the forum. People who registered before 2012, can include DropBox pictures that were uploaded into the "private" folder in Dropbox, by inserting a direct link to the picture. People who registered later can not do this anymore, as DropBox makes this impossible.

2. You can upload pictures to the forum. Below the edit box there is the option to upload attachments. Select the picture that you want to upload ("choose file") and then upload it. you can also add a caption to each image. There is a limit to 5 pictures per post, each picture can not be larger than 512KB and can not be larger than 1024x1024. Larger images take much loading time and can not be displayed properly inside the available space. If these size requirement are not met, then it will not upload. There is also a maximum storage space allocated to each user. These restrictions are necessary, otherwise there is not enough server space available. I might have to adjust these values, however. This is not the most flexible method if you want to present many pictures. It is really important, that you do not upload pictures which you did not make yourself (copyright issue). To manage your files, you have to visit the User Control Panel (UCP) on the top right corner. After the upload, select the picture from the dropdown list below the edit box and click "Place inline".

Each user has a maximum space of 100MB, but I might have to limit this if I run out of server space. I therefore highly recommend that users who want to post many images consider to sign up on an external hosting service (method 1 above). These are able to offer more space. "Dropbox Basic", for example, is free and offers 2GB of storage space. You can make image galleries in Dropbox and then link the individual images into this forum by copy pasting the link to the picture and surrounding them with [img]http://www.... [/img] tags.
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