Camera Vs Eyepiece

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Re: Camera Vs Eyepiece

#31 Post by c-krebs » Tue Sep 06, 2016 7:02 pm

So when you say "tube lenses" in your previous answer...
apochronaut wrote: and had built in shutters and tube lenses connected to exposure control units. The tube lenses were adjustable for the camera format and offered a magnification of between 2.5x and 5X, depending on the format used are referring to optics whose purpose is to resize the "completed" image and send it to the camera sensor, and not the "telan/tube lens/converging lens" that is an inherent part of the infinity optical system.
apochronaut wrote:With this set up I get about 125 % linear, of the visible field on an APS- C sensor ( or about the equivalent of a 25mm field of view), so having a low power, well corrected tube lens, is something I am going to investigate.
It has always puzzled me that APS-C sized sensors are so common, yet it is very hard to find a 1.4X-1.6X projection type photoeyepiece that can be used with them. I have heard of some getting good results by incorporating a 1.4X "tele-converter". Too bad the Sony Alpha one is so expensive. (There are plenty of good used 1.4X for other SLRs, perhaps one could be "adapted")

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Re: Camera Vs Eyepiece

#32 Post by apochronaut » Tue Sep 06, 2016 10:56 pm

Well it seems that a 1.4X would be called for because the sensor is 27.85mm diagonal. I haven't taken the time to see what is available. I'm sure there is something that could be adapted.
The photo tube upper portion , on the 10/20 allows the adapter to slide up and down, so the camera can be positioned easily enough to capture the full field that the eyepieces are seeing and focus trimming isn't too bad on the a5000 because it has a very nice focus magnifier.
Those little Sony alpha cameras are quite good microscope cameras, actually. Mirrorless, easily controlled remote shutter release( bluetooth or a cable), so vibration isn't really a factor and a 180 degree screen. You can also bluetooth to a remote screen or control the whole thing from a phone.

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