Micrometer madness!

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Micrometer madness!

#1 Post by mrsonchus » Thu Feb 25, 2016 8:54 pm

Hi all, the micrometer I ordered after following an excellent thread here, where the use of a micrometer to measure the thickness of cover-slips was discussed, has arrived!
I bought one that is metric and (nominally) reads in 0.01mm increments - it was about £20 and having used it quite a lot already I would say that it is superbly made and well-worth this price-tag. It performs the task for which I bought it to my complete satisfaction and in excess of my desired performance-level - in short, I love it!

I've used it to make some quick, easy and accurate measurements of a selection of different cover-slips of different sizes and thicknesses (specified not accidental that is), new high-quality slides and the same slides with fully-dry and permanently mounted specimens with cover-slips upon them - the results I think show the micrometer to be a superb and accurate piece of kit.

It's very easy and quick to use, consistent and accurate to about 0.002mm I would say, as it's calibrated to 0.01mm with the usual lines on the barrel, but it is easy to literally 'read between the lines' (i.e. interpolate visually) with what I would estimate to be a reliable and useful accuracy of about 0.002mm!

Here's the beauty with it's shiny-new box...

(back-soon, gone to eat my supper!)
John B

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