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Re: Windows 10

#31 Post by ChrisR » Sat May 04, 2019 12:00 pm

My take is that people used to have problems with Win10, but for various reasons it's not a problem now. If you have a computer stuffed with rubbish and multiple anti-virus programs and "free" junk, then any O/S would give problems. W10 used to need a heck of a lot of updates.

Win 7 used to grow - more and more space taken up with god-knows-what. A couple of people whose opinions I respect (PC shop manager and a network ops manager) tell me that W10 doesn't do that. We have a 10 year old i5 which eventually ground to a crawl on W7. A new install of W10 made it new again. It has been in 3 months now without trouble.
You can postpone updates forever if you want - I just schedule them to happen at night. There was/is an issue with MS defaulting to recording your usage for various purposes "anonymously" - (yeah right). With paid versions you can disable that, but at one time not with the free upgrades to 10 .

The only "valid" complaints I've heard recently are that some software only has bootleg versions to run on W7, not W10. Well tough.

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Re: Windows 10

#32 Post by mrsonchus » Sat May 04, 2019 12:38 pm

Must agree with Chris here.
I've had many PCs and laptops over the years and am a very experienced user. When I replaced my Windows 7 laptop with a new Windows 10 machine (also a low-mid spec laptop) a couple of years back now I soon started to see improvements, the Windows 10 start-box notwithstanding, which at first use seemed truly hideous coming from the more straightforward (it seemed) Windows 7 system....

I simply don't seem to have problems with Windows 10 at all. I always keep the updates up-to-date as it were and fully expect and recognise the fact that a pending Windows 10 update will slow my machine to a stuttering horror-show when browsing the 'net with Chrome. I know the signs very well now of the usually-monthly update, and get straight to allowing it to install then restart. This regime really has kept my current laptop running smoothly.

Definitely a more robust, reliable and faster-booting version in my experience, yes I have allowed for the difference between my Windows 7 laptop and it's replacement Windows 10 laptop in the above..... :)
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Re: Windows 10

#33 Post by Radazz » Thu May 16, 2019 6:59 pm

I felt that way for a long time. 8 was such a disappointment. Really only added touch screen support but changed everything for the sake of change.
I recently bought a new laptop with 10 on it. A little easier to find things than 8 but still took some searching.
The new laptop processes video and stills so much faster that it stimulates learning.
Been using windows since v1.5, and the real lemons have been win 5, ME, and 8, IMHO.

98 and 7 have been the best so far.
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