Setting up a trinoc head, Zeiss standard

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Setting up a trinoc head, Zeiss standard

#1 Post by phroxian » Wed Feb 27, 2019 4:47 pm

I bought a Zeiss standard 25 (the 160 not the ICS) last year with a trinoc head but I don't have the parts to put a c-mount camera in (and only have the manual for the ICS). To make it work properly do I only need a c-mount adapter and an s-pl eyepiece and would these pieces work? ... %7Ciid%3A1 ... :rk:7:pf:0

or am I completely confused on how this would go together?

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Re: Setting up a trinoc head, Zeiss standard

#2 Post by 75RR » Thu Feb 28, 2019 6:15 am

Hi phroxian,

I am afraid that I like others can't give you a definitive answer on this.

I have a Standard WL (23mm photo-tube diameter) with an afocal setup and when I was using direct projection I still had the camera on a tripod to avoid vibration.

Have you tried asking in the Equipment Discussions section of the Forum? Worth a try.

Remember that one needs parfocality between the eyepieces and the photo-tube.

Here is an article that talks you through this with additional further links:
Zeiss Standard WL (somewhat fashion challenged) & Wild M8
Olympus E-P2 (Micro Four Thirds Camera)

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