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What are the different kinds of microscope slides?

There are permanent slides, temporary slides (including wet mounts), dry mounts, and heat-fixed slides. Sometimes there is an overlap in these categories.

What fluids should I use to clean objective and eyepieces?

Use only those cleaning fluids that are recommended. Ideally the optics should be cleaned as rarely as possible.

How often should I clean the optics of the microscope?

Clean the optics as little as possible, as often as absolutely necessary. Every cleaning session introduces the possibility of damaging the optical surfaces of eyepiece and objective. Small dust grains may scratch the surface of the optics.

Will microscope companies sell to non-researchers?

Good microscope companies will not only target the research market, but will also have a line of microscoppes for amateurs and for educational use.

What is the best microscope?

The “best” microscope is the one that gives you the most enjoyment and the one that you use most frequently.

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