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What is Köhler illumination?

Köhler (Koehler) illumination significantly increases the image quality when doing photographic work. It reduces stray light by only illuminating the part of the specimen which is actually being observed. The higher the magnification of the objective, the smaller the area which can be seen. Köhler illumination limits the light only to the part of the […]

What objective types are there for compound microscopes?

There are several ways in which the different microscopes objectives can be grouped. It is well possible that a particular objective belongs into several groups at the same time. Achromatic objectives: These are the standard objectives that can be found on most microscopes. There might be a slight chromatic aberation (color errors) Apochrmatic objectives: These […]

What if I am a collector? Is there something in it for me as well?

Many recreational activities involve the collecting of items (stamps, rocks and minerals, fossils, stuffed animals and trading cards…). Amateur microscopy also offers something for people who are interested in collecting.

What is recreational and fascinating about using microscopes?

Microscopy is not only an educational hobby, but also one which allows you to relax and to focus. It is rewarding, as you can discover and admire the beauty of nature.

What are some things that have to be maintained?

Microscopes generally do not require much maintenance. Keeping the microscope dust free is probably one of the most important maintenance tasks. Objectives: The objectives should only be cleaned when necessary. Particular attention should be given to the oil immersion lens. Residual oil on the lens will accumulate dust. The other objectives are essentially maintenance-free. Eyepieces: […]

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