The SS-110 microscope is a well-built device with a high value for its money. The relevant parts are manufactured of metal and image quality is also very good. It is not only a good microscope for learning microscopy, but can also be used as a field-microscope or travel microscope. The eyepieces have the 23mm standard diameter and are therefore interchangeable. The provided 10x and 25x eyepieces are also made of metal and not plastic. In short, it is a low-cost introductory microscope but not a toy. The microscope is supplied with: 2 eyepieces (10x, 25x), dust cover, hexagonal wrench (for battery cover), spare LED, 5 prepared slides in a slide box, 5 blank slides, 100 cover glasses, power adapter, 3 batteries, lens tissue paper, manual.

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