Some Safety Issues

Here are some safety issues to consider when doing microscopy lab work. This is not a comprehensive list.

  • Electricity: Students should not be allowed to exchange light bulbs or perform other maintenance work. When plugging in the microscope, make sure that the main power is switched off and that the dimmer (light control) is set to “low”.
  • Handling the Microscope: Hold the microscope with one hand on the arm (of the microscope) and use your other hand to support the base. Keep the cable wrapped around the microscope.
  • Growth of bacteria: A simple rule – don’t grow bacteria in a school setting. Even if you work with a defined bacterial culture there are the chances of contamination and you never know what you are growing. Also note that there are certain laws that may apply for the growth of bacteria in areas that are not designated as microbiological labs. If you want to stain and bacteria then use safe sources, such as yogurt.
  • To be continued….