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MicrobeHunter Magazine (April 2011)

Welcome to the fourth (April 2011) issue of MicrobeHunter magazine. You can download the PDF and order a printed version.

Using a Hemocytometer to Calculate Cell Size

I already illustrated how to calculate cell size (). The method required you to take a picture of a ruler and then use this as a reference for cell size calculation. This system had several disadvantages: first, it only works for low magnifications (you have to be able to see 1mm of the ruler on […]

counting chamber, hemocytometer

The hemocytometer (counting chamber)

The hemocytometer (or haemocytometer or counting chamber) is a specimen slide which is used to determine the concentration of cells in a liquid sample. It is frequently used to determine the concentration of blood cells (hence the name “hemo-“) but also the concentration of sperm cells in a sample.

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