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Common defects of old microscopes

During the past couple of years I’ve seen numerous microscopes that were is a desolate condition. Here are some of the problems that I observed. It may pay off to consider these problems when shopping for a used microscope.

dirty objective lens

Dirty microscope objective: Its effect on image quality

The microscopes in the school where I work have been in operation almost 30 years (!!) now. And the fact that most of them have remained usable says quite something about the quality of these devices. They are soon going to be collectively sent in for maintenance, and this is the last opportunity to do […]

Microscope lamp

Changing the Lamp

This article explains how the lamp of a microscope is exchanged. It may not apply to all microscope types.

Cleaning the Microscope

What are some of the things to look out for when cleaning the microscope? What solvents should or should not be used? This article gives an overview.

Common Beginners’ Mistakes

The following section outlines some of the common beginners’ mistakes when operating a microscope. Teachers are advised to instruct their students appropriately, proper microscope technique will not only enhance the image quality but will also lengthen the life-span of the microscopes.

Cross section of the stem of a sunflower.

Routine Microscope Maintenance

Course work can be quite tough on the devices and a regular functionality check prolongs the life of the instrument.

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