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Ranunculus pollen mounted in air, with cover glass.

The importance of mounting medium refractive index

The refractive indes (RI) of the mounting medium can have a significant impact on the image quality.

size calculation

Determining Size in Microscopic Images

Here is an instruction on how to calculate the size of cells using a microscope.

Air bubbles under the microscope

How to prevent Air Bubbles in Wet Mounts

There are several methods how bubbles can be reduced when making slides.

Testing the Hand Microtome

Cutting a carrot with a hand microtome.

Parts of a Microtome

Here I’m unpacking my new hand microtome and explaining the different parts. A hand microtome (or cylinder microtome) is a device used to make thin cuts of a specimen for microscopic observations. The video briefly illustrates the different parts of a hand microtome.

Making a wet mount microscope slide

This post explains how to make a wet mount. Video included!

Fixing specimens for making permanent slides

Before specimens can be processed for making permanent slides, they may need to be fixed.

Making a wet mount for microscopy

A wet mount (or temporary mount) is one of the most common ways of observing specimens under the microscope.

Making mounts of pollen grains

Permanent slides of pollen grains can be used as a reference for identifying unknown pollen samples. It is therefore important, that the pollen grains remain in an authentic, natural shape.

Choosing the right mounting medium for making permanent slides

Here I will give an overview of the different factors that may be used to decide on which mounting medium to choose.

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