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Posts that relate to the Keyword: staining

Heat-fixing and staining human cheek cells

Observing human cells is a good introductory activity to learn heat-fixing and staining.

Staining bacteria

Here is yet another link to an article from Popular Science magazine. It deals with the isolation, fixing and staining of bacteria. I would not recommend the use of some of the solvents that they use (such as xylol) with children, however. They also describe a blood smear preparation, what I do not recommend for […]

Stains and reagents for microscopy

I found an article in Popular Science Magazine (see link below) which gives a general overview of different stains that can be used in microscopy. The article divides the stains into three categories: Common household chemicals: this includes Iodine, for example. They are very readily available. Substances used mostly for microscopy: Methylene blue, Hematoxyline, and […]

Onion cells

Staining of Onion Cell Nuclei

This is a simple preparatory technique that allows students to observe the otherwise difficult to see nucleus of onion cells. There is no need to employ, possibly harmful, DNA staining chemicals.

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