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Safe sources of microorganisms for microscopy

Found in: Labwork | Date: January 9, 2011 |

A simple check of the refrigerator (or the super market) provides many safe sources for microorganisms to view under the microscope.

counting chamber, hemocytometer

The hemocytometer (counting chamber)

Found in: Accessories, Labwork, Techniques | Date: June 27, 2010 |

The hemocytometer (or haemocytometer or counting chamber) is a specimen slide which is used to determine the concentration of cells in a liquid sample. It is frequently used to determine the concentration of blood cells (hence the name “hemo-“) but also the concentration of sperm cells in a sample.

Observing bacteria under the light microscope

Found in: Labwork | Date: January 31, 2010 |

It is possible to use non-toxic stains (such as ink for fountain pens) to stain yogurt bacteria in-vivo.

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