What are some things that have to be maintained?

  • Objectives: The objectives should only be cleaned when necessary. Particular attention should be given to the oil immersion lens. Residual oil on the lens will accumulate dust. The other objectives are essentially maintenance-free.
  • Eyepieces: They will build up oil from the eyelashes and dust. Carefully clean them when needed using the correct cleaning solvent recommended by the manufacturer.
  • Filters: They need to be cleaned from dust every few months, depending on how dusty your environment is.
  • Body: This one will also build up dust, which can be removed using a moist cloth, without cleaning fluids.
  • Mechanical parts: Every couple of years the microscope may require re-lubrication of the focus system and mechanical stage. This is best done by a microscope service company, unless you know yourself what you are doing.
  • Lamps: Halogen and tungsten lamps will also need to be replaced occasionally, even if they are still working, as they change their color temperature with age.