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Getting Started with Microscopy[edit]

Specimen Preparation[edit]

Microscope Accessories[edit]

Frequent Topics of Discussion[edit]

DIY Projects[edit]

Microscopy Techniques[edit]

Microscope Brands[edit]

The "Big Four" Current Manufacturers[edit]

Leica | Nikon | Olympus | Zeiss

Other Brands[edit]

Accu-Scope | Amscope | Euromex | Labomed | Lomo | Meiji Techno | Motic | OMAX | Richter Optica | Swift

Noteworthy Brands from the Past[edit]

American Optical | Bausch and Lomb | Reichert | Wild

Chinese Microscope Manufacturers[edit]

Motic | Novel Optics | Sunny Instruments | Shanghai Optical Instrument Factory | Phenix Optics


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