Why you should clean NEW microscope slides
Here I show you how I clean new and used microscope slides.
What are some possible problems of used microscopes?
Before buying a used microscope, check the following points.
Common defects of old microscopes
During the past couple of years I've seen numerous microscopes that were is a desolate condition. Here are some of the problems that I observed. It may pay off to consider these problems when shopping for a used microscope.
Dirty microscope objective: Its effect on image quality
A dirty microscope objective significantly reduces the resolution.
What accessories should be bought?
There are several accessories that are part of a microscopic workplace.
Changing the Lamp
This article explains how the lamp of a microscope is exchanged. It may not apply to all microscope types.
Cleaning the Microscope
What are some of the things to look out for when cleaning the microscope? What solvents should or should not be used? This article gives an overview.
Equipment Recommendations
What are some of the features to look out for when purchasing a new set of biological microscopes?
Types of Objectives
This article gives you an overview of different types of microscope objectives, but I must note that a particular objective can fall into several categories at the same time. For educational work, parfocal, achromatic, bright field objectives are very common.