Microscope comparison – From very expensive to super cheap
Here I will be comparing 4 microscopes based on their image quality at 100x. They produce very similar results. The large microscoepe is an Olympus CH40, a “doctor’s microscope”, as I once read. I also have an Olympus CH-A which Read More ...
What is the best microscope?
The "best" microscope is the one that gives you the most enjoyment and the one that you use most frequently.
What are different compound microscope types?
Different light microscopes serve different purposes. This article gives you an overview.
What kinds of microscope heads are there?
The microscope head carries the eyepieces of the microscope. There are monocular, binocular and trinocular heads. Here we'll have a closer look at them.
Which kinds of microscope lamps are there?
Microscopes can be equipped with three different kinds of lamps: halogen, LED and tungsten.
What if I am a collector? Is there something in it for me as well?
Many recreational activities involve the collecting of items (stamps, rocks and minerals, fossils, stuffed animals and trading cards...). Amateur microscopy also offers something for people who are interested in collecting.
What is recreational and fascinating about using microscopes?
Microscopy is not only an educational hobby, but also one which allows you to relax and to focus. It is rewarding, as you can discover and admire the beauty of nature.
Are “China microscopes” any good?
Many low cost microscopes are manufactured in China, but also some microscopes from well-known companies are manufactured there.
How expensive are microscopes?
Prices range from about $50 for a toy microscope to about a minimum of US$ 250-300 (EUR 200) for a low cost educational compound microscope.
What about zoom microscopes?
Some companies manufacture zoomable stereo microscopes. Here is my view on them.