What about zoom microscopes?
Some companies manufacture zoomable stereo microscopes. Here is my view on them.
Should I buy a more expensive microscope first, or should I buy a cheap one and then a better one later?
This is a philosophical question and the opinions diverge on this question.
What are the differences between stereo and compound microscopes?
There are two types of light microscopes, the compound microscopes and the stereo microscopes.
What are the advantages of a mechanical stage?
In compound microscopes, a mechanical stage allows you to move the specimen slide by turning two knobs, which are located to the side of the stage.
What are the different eyepieces?
The job of the eyepieces is to magnify the image that the objective produces.
How expensive is amateur microscopy?
The costs of using a microscope, once you own one, are very small. The microscope itself is in many cases the largest single expense.
What are the steps of starting amateur microscopy?
Maybe you are interested in microscopy, but do not know where to start. Here are some suggestions.
Is microscopy difficult to learn?
The basic theory of the correct microscope usage can be learned in an hour or two. This can be covered by reading a few chapters in a book explaining microscope use.
Can I discover something new, like a new life form?
While it is possible that amateur microscopists can contribute to the discovery of news species, it is relatively unlikely that microscopic observation alone is enough.
Are there microscopy competitions?
Microscopy is not a very competitive activity. There are annual photography competitions, however.